(ARG-VA10) Megaphone

The VA-10 is a new concept portable microphone with a built-in speaker that amplifies the volume of your voice. It’s lighter and easier to use than old clunky Megaphones. Perfect for use in Classrooms, Lecture Halls, Lunchrooms, Gymnasiums, Sporting Events, Outdoor Events, Tours & Field Trips, Seminars & Conferences, Group Activities & Much More!

Save your voice, use our “Cool Megaphone” to get your message heard!

  •        All-in-one design, no cables, no interference problems
  •        Optimized for classroom and lecture room environments
  •        Dual speaker technology
  •        Stable, high-quality sound with no directional loss
  •        Patented Feedback Elimination Technology ensures clear, natural sound.
  •        Comfortable ergonomic grip with convenient one-touch button volume control
  •        Built-in alert buzzer button with 2 tones, and built-in echo button
  •        Rechargeable battery with automatic power saving mode extends usage time
  •        Includes charging cable, charging cradle, manual, lanyard and carry case


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Retail Price: $199

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