(ARG-VA20T) VoiceAmp® Tour Portable 20W Waistband Amplifier

Product Description

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Our easy to use VoiceAmp® products will make sure your message is heard clearly for many applications from college tours to education seminars, live auctions, gym class, bus duty, track meets or school assemblies. With our VoiceAmp® systems, you can communicate clearly and effectively with audience members without the need to have a costly permanent sound system.

VoiceAmp® Tour

ARG’s VoiceAmp® Tour is a compact, powerful, and affordable portable amplifier with easy, user friendly controls and operation. It is ideal for group presentations, tour groups, playground monitors, classroom amplification, or anywhere you need to amplify your message for a small to medium audience. The unit features a 20-watt amplifier and 4-inch speaker encased in a lightweight, hand-crafted wood housing that creates clear, natural sound quality. A behind-the-head microphone, padded waist pack and shoulder strap are included to provide hands free presentations making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. A built-in lithium battery pack provides 24+ hours of operation and recharges in less than 8 hours. ARG provides a 5-year product warranty.

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Retail Price: $299

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