(ARG-IT500) Individual Language Interpretation System

Product Description

The Instant 2-Way Voice Interpreter is in a compact, rugged device that can be used anywhere to instantly translate conversations between people speaking different languages. The Instant 2-way Voice Interpreter is very simple to use. It doesn’t require any configuration or set-up on the part of the user. You just turn it on and start talking. The Instant 2-Way Voice Interpreter will take it from there. 

It’s great for one-on-one ELL Parent Conferences, Education Outreach Programs and other situations where translation is needed. There’s no need to wait for a translator or call into some expensive translation service provider. The Instant Interpreter does everything you need to have productive, effective conversations with ELL parents or students. The device can translate 23 different languages. 

The unit comes with: 




Retail Price: $629

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