Campus Tours

Every year prospective college students and their parents visit your campus. Their time is limited and your message to them is valuable. Make sure they hear your message clearly and easily with Tour Guide Systems from Audio Resource Group, Inc.

It can be frustrating to hear tour guides when a large tour group is on the move, especially among all of the normal activities of college life on campus. Your visitors want to hear and understand what is being said by your tour guide.

ARG Offers Two Great Solutions

If you believe your tour participants find it difficult to hear or understand your guides, we have two field-tested solutions:

Mini 900 MHz Digital Talk & Listen® System

Our Mini 900MHz Digital Talk & Listen® System provides 25 channels of exceptional clarity and long-range reception up to 600 feet creating flexibility that is second to none! It is easy to operate and is lightweight and compact. Tour guides use a lanyard-worn transmitter and headset microphone to deliver their message. Tour guests are provided a lanyard-worn receiver and headphones to clearly hear what is being presented. Transmitters (16 hours) and receivers (25 hours) will operate for days before recharging is necessary.

Mini 900 MHz Digital Talk & Listen® System

Our VoiceAmp® Tour Portable Amplifier is a 20 Watt powerhouse in a small package. Weighing 2 pounds, this robust portable PA allows you to command the attention of listeners up to 200 feet away. The VoiceAmp® Tour can either be worn around the waist or carried with a shoulder strap. Its rechargable battery provides a full day of operation on a single charge.

Hearing Assistance and ADA Compliance

Accommodate guests who struggle to hear due to noisy environments, distractions, or hearing disability. Meet the requirements of the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design. Our Talk and Listen® portable, lightweight transmitters broadcast a presenter’s voice to our easy to use, portable receivers that help users hear what is being discussed.

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